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How to Replace a Bent Derailleur Hanger.

This page will guide you on how to replace a bent or damaged derailleur hanger on your EuroMini Bike.

Because the derailleur protrudes from the frame of the bike, this part often gets damaged; either in shipping or through the normal course of riding. For this reason, EuroMini Bikes are designed with a replaceable derailleur hanger. Should you need a replacement hanger, please email us at

Video on how to adjust/install a hanger
Tools Needed:
  • 2.5 mm Allen Wrench
  • 5 mm Allen Wrench
  • 15 mm Crescent Wrench
  • Small Philips Screw Driver
  • Flat-Tip Screw Driver

Bike on a stand.

Before we begin, it is recommended that you use a bike stand or other means to securely and safely hold the bike while you work in it.
Once you've secured your EuroMini Bike, shift the bike into the "highest" gear. This is the "smallest" cog when looking at the cassette in the rear of the bike.

Highest numbered gear...

Is the smallest cog.

Brakes in the closed position.

Brakes in the open position.

Open the brakes by pinching the two brake arms together. Then lift the cable through the slot in the cable bridge. 

Cap installed

Cap removed

Remove the plastic caps covering the axle nut. 
Remove the rear wheel. Using a 15mm wrench, loosen the axle nuts. Pull the derailleur back to allow the cogs to clear the derailleur and chain.
Set the wheel aside for now.

Left axle nut

Right axle nut

Remove the derailleur. Using a 5mm Allen wrench, remove the rear derailleur. Once removed, let the derailleur hang down from the bike. There is no need to completely disconnect the derailleur from the bike. 

Removal of derailleur

Hanger with derailleur removed.

Using a 5mm Allen wrench, remove the first of two fasteners holding the derailleur hanger. With a 2.5mm Allen Wrench, remove the second fastener (located on the opposite side of the first screw.)

Removal of 5 mm bolt.

Removal of 2.5 mm bolt.

Replace the old/damaged hanger with a new one. Re-install the 2.5mm screw and the 5mm bolt that are used to hold the hanger onto the frame.
Using the 5mm Allen wrench, replace the derailleur. Be careful to not damage the softer Aluminum threads of the new hanger with the harder steel threads of the derailleur.

Hanger with derailleur removed.

Installation of derailleur

No space or gap between frame and axle nut.

Replace the wheel. Carefully align the chain so that it nests into the high gear. Lift the wheel so that the axle slides into the slot of the frame
Replace the brakes. Close the two brake arms so that the brake pads are pressing agains the rim. Replace the "noodle" by sliding the cable through the slot of the cable bridge. Squeeze the brakes to test that they are working properly. See your Owner's Manual if you need to adjust the brakes. 

Brakes in the closed position.

Brakes in the open position.

Adjust shifting (if necessary). Refer to your Owner's Manual for instructions on how to adjust your shifting.
Replace axle nut caps.

Cap installed

Cap removed

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