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Gearing: More is not necessarily better

Have you noticed just how many gears are on a bike? 10, 18, 27?!? Now lets ask an honest question: How many times do I shift my bike when I ride? If you’re answer not much, then you’re not alone.

Sheldon “Gearhead” Brown, a leading authority on all things bikes, writes, “With multi-gear bikes, the total number of gears is not as important as many people suppose. More important is the actual ratios of the gears. If you can't climb steep hills, it isn't necessarily that you need more gears, more that you need a lower low gear.”

What does that mean to me? Well in short, we specifically designed our bikes to include the gear ratios that most everyone rides in. Our bikes are perfectly geared for riding light trails, to the store or work and a few hills as well.

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