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When does 24lbs not feel like 24lbs?

With the introduction of ZiZZO's newest and lightest frame, we wanted to see how our 24lbs bike stacks up against other 24lbs bikes. What we found out was that ZiZZO gives you a light weight, fun, all-around bike without lightening your wallet.

When comparing bikes, it's not about which is the best bike, but rather, which is the best bike for you. Comparing bikes on the surface can be confusing. When you look at weight of the bike even if the numbers are the same, what's under the "hood" ? is what matters most. ZiZZO Bike designers and creative team have been able to combine great features, precision manufacturing and comfortable ride, all for under $350!

EuroMini Urbano Dahon Uno Tern Verge Brompton

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